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Asbestos used to be a common building material from the 1940s to the 1970s until its dangerous effects became widely known. This prompted many property owners to command the removal of this substance from their homes. Many homes that were built in this era still require asbestos testing to find out whether the substance is still present in the walls or other areas. Removing asbestos, yourself is not an option as it is likely to cause negative health consequences. The most dangerous of which is mesothelioma — a rare deadly cancer. Any companies offering asbestos testing dayton oh professionally should possess the right equipment and skills to help remove asbestos and treat the areas for contamination. Here are some main reasons why asbestos testing and subsequent removal is extremely necessary:

Old Commercial and Residential Buildings

Since asbestos was sought for useful purposes and proved very effective as an insulator and a fire retardant, it was widely used as insulation in construction projects. Asbestos, being a natural mineral with heat and corrosion resistant properties, was also used in cement and floor tiles. According to data, asbestos had been used in about 30 million buildings during its popular period in the US. This indicates the alarming concern for homeowners to have their premises examined, especially if they were built in that era.

Health Concerns

As with many deadly conditions, asbestosis too displays symptoms ranging from mild to severe, but which usually only appear after continued/prolonged exposure. Due to this the affected end up with little chance to treat or cure themselves of the damage. Asbestos is most dangerous for releasing fibers into the air which people can inhale and ingest. When inhaled, the fibers tend to get trapped in the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity. They’re also likely to pass into the lungs causing lung ailments in the long run.

Health Effects

Technically, the body is not able to eliminate asbestos fibers once they become lodged into the lungs and other areas of the body. The presence of the fibers becoming permanent significantly increases the risk for three primary diseases:

– Asbestosis
– Lung Cancer
– Mesothelioma


Asbestosis is associated with asbestos exposure and translates to a non-cancerous respiratory disease. It occurs in a chronic fashion and continues to aggravate the lung tissues. In its advanced stages, it has the potential to prove fatal and cause cardiac failure. Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment for asbestosis at this point.

Lung Cancer

A huge number of asbestos related deaths is accounted by lung cancer. This is proven statistically as mine and mill workers were shown to have displayed a higher rate of lung cancers than that of the general population in a study carried out. In addition, cigarette smoking workers who have been exposed to asbestos develop significantly greater risk (about 90 times more) for lung cancer as compared to ordinary people.


Every year in the US about 200 cases are diagnosed with this rare form of cancer and virtually every case correlates with exposure to asbestos. Mesothelioma most likely affects the membrane of the lungs, chest, abdomen; but may also affect the heart in rare cases. Workers who work in asbestos related settings run a significant risk for mesothelioma. The risk factor also holds true for those who live with these individuals or at proximity to asbestos mines, mills or anywhere it is used in large quantities.

Identifying asbestos fibers, yourself is difficult and dangerous; it is a job best left to professionals. Licensed and trustworthy asbestos remediation companies are trained in evaluating and safely removing this material. If you suspect your home or office needs an inspection, contact your local remediation company now.

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